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Angela Mandato

angela-mandato_0006Rev. Angela Mandato LMT, NCTMB  has a deep relationship with the world of healing, massage, mystic teachings, and spiritual consciousness. She is passionate about personal empowerment and enjoys studying with many teachers around the globe, including energy medicine experts, mystics and healers. She has worked with ancient wisdom keepers, psychic surgeons, gurus and avatars. Angela is a graduate of Sensory Development Institute and the Healing the Light Body School. She is certified in Soulful Leadership and Soulful Communication from the Center for Soulful Living. She is also a Metis Clan Mother, Reiki Master, Reconnective Healing Practitioner, Regression Therapist, Light Body practitioner, Evolution Facilitator, Deeksha blessing giver and Shaman. She co-authored “The Divine Power of Edge”, published in 2008.

Soribel Martinez

DAe0Kdj-1-1 Soribel is a Latina mompreneur of an amazing 9-year-old boy. She is passionate about life and motherhood.

After being diagnosed with not just one but two brain aneurysms and undergoing brain surgery Five years ago, Soribel Martinez embarked on a path of self-discovery. Along the way, she experienced profound emotional and spiritual transformation, cultivated the deep courage to make a full recovery, and ultimately reconnected her with her passion to live on PURPOSE.

Today, she’s a multi-passionate Latina Mompreneur on a mission – to support and mentor other women on their own journeys of self-awakening, empowerment, and transformation. As CEO of SMPsychotherapy & Coaching Services and Founder of Legacy For Latinas, Soribel speaks, coaches, mentors, and consults with individuals, groups, and companies to empower Latinas around the world to create more success, fulfillment and freedom in their lives. She has over 17 years of experience in the field of psychology and psychotherapy. She believes that every woman was born with a purpose and in order to fully live their lives, they must be passionate about what they do every day to impact their world in a big way.

Dr. Scott Werner

DAe0Kdj-1-1Scott Werner is a former MD, who practiced medicine as an OB/GYN. He left allopathic medicine in 2004 and continued his spiritual quest for healing on all levels.  Scott has always had an affinity for healing the body by using herbs, homeopathic and  energetic remedies. He has traveled the world, using sacred rituals and toning to remove contracts of suffering. Scott lectures on many health topics throughout the country and does spiritual readings for his clients that span the globe. By following spiritual guidance of the Masters he has been successful in helping thousands of clients in improving their health. Scott has been working with Saint Germaine since 2014 and has written an amazing and beneficial book called "The Next Step in Human Evolution" which is currently ranking among Top sellers such as The Secret and Medical Medium, and popular Hay House author Doreen Virtue in the category of Mental and spiritual healing. Scott is also author of "Take Back Your Health", an oracle book that puts healing back into the hands of the people. He currently Lives in southern Utah with his family where he is working on his latest book and seeing clients.

Haley Hines

DAe0Kdj-1-1Hayley Hines is the Founder of Soul Sparkle, Inc. events and experiences and the creator of the Soul Sparkle Spa and Jewelry Collection.

She is spiritual guide and author of the forthcoming book, Soul Sparkle Living: Your Guide to Creating a Magical Life, and host of Soul Sparkle Radio.

Hayley is the creator of the La Bella Living Lean Lifestyle program
and cookbook, has her 200 hour RYT in Kundalini Yoga, Tantra, and Power Flow Yoga, and is a level one Ayurvedic Yoga Specialist. Hayley is also a Certified Raw Food Chef, a Certified Health Education Specialist, and a Certified Wellness Program Director from the National Wellness Institute.

One part fun fairy and one part wise sage, Hayley has a burning
desire to bottle up and light on fire all things magical that bring women back to their own soul and the sparkle within.

Diva Carla Sanders

DAe0Kdj-1-1Diva Carla guides women through their midlife sacred quest into the into the heart and soul of their sexuality so they have the pleasure, intimacy, relationship, and confidence
they desire. She teaches that orgasm and pleasure are every woman's birthright. When you are sexually and orgasmically fulfilled you are an unstoppable power for good.

Diva Carla is the founder of the Wise Woman’s Sacred Feminine Power Initiation and the Womb Wisdom Healer's Circle. She lives on the coast of Maine, where she holds ceremony for her community and clients, while enjoying the abundant beauty of the land. Her website is http://orgasmicalchemy.com

Pratima Patel

DAe0Kdj-1-1Pratima is a women's Holistic wellness Practitioner, Intuitive Energy Healer, aspiring yogini, Doula and Children's Therapist.She devotedly attends to women and children to assist them in gaining optimal well-being, from menarche to menopause and beyond. Pratima also uses the many modalities that she has trained in alongside her intuition, to support clients in releasing deep seated trauma.She left the corporate world some years ago completely unsatisfied with the lack of integrity in her life. It was only when she started to repair trauma from her childhood, turned inwards, and reconnected with the natural feminine cycles of her body that she invited integration, vitality and peace, to be an expression of her life experience.

This created a deep longing in her to study and practice as many pathways as she could, leading to being in service to women and children. She is fervent about honouring the sacred womb, not just from a health perspective, however from the view that it is the very core and epicentre of a woman, from which deep wisdom arrives and must be respected. Pratima offers womb healing as a way to come back home to yourself. Pratima is  a student of ayurveda and has been using it successfully to support her lifestyle. Her mother has also taught her many traditional decoctions originating from India to aid women with a painful menstruation, lactating mothers and post natal women, which she has shared with her clients. The diversity of her eastern yogic influences, merged with her love for western therapeutic measures is the impetus for Pratima's work.

Pratima has had the good fortune of studying, receiving private mentoring, deepening her professional and spiritual development with some of the most pioneering teachers in Women's health, wellness, spirituality and energy psychology. She offers immense respect and gratitude to Aditi Devi Ma, Swami Nardanand, Dr Deepa Apte, Marguerite Rigoglioso, Uma Dinsmore Tuli, DeAnna L’am, and Alexandra Pope, for their teachings and wisdom.

Vicki Werner

DAe0Kdj-1-1Vicki Werner is an Intuitive mentor, past life regression practitioner,  Intuitive face reader, health advocate and mother of five amazing individuals. She has been assisting many people on their journey of creating a vision for their life and attaining their personal goals and better relationships. Vicki has guided hundreds of clients in  healing current life issues by guiding them into their past lives since 2007. Training under the brilliant masters in the field of regression therapy such as Dolores Cannon and Brian Weiss, Vicki has formulated her own techniques to not only view past lives that are affecting us today but to heal the emotional component involved. After enduring a grueling eight months in bed and a near death experience in 2012 she has become a passionate advocate on healing the physical body and pushing the mind to new levels.  Vicki did extensive training as an intuitive mentor and lives in southern Utah where she sees clients for Mentoring  and regression through her business “Magic in Me Mentoring”

Jennifer Neel

DAe0Kdj-1-1Jennifer Neel is a certified Energy Leadership Coach, Intuitive Mentor and Author guiding those meant for more to connecting to who they truly are, expressing themselves fully and making an impact on the world. She is dedicated to helping people connect to their Truth, live life authentically, fully and uninhibitedly while serving their purpose. Jennifer recently authored "Identity of Impact: Shifting into Your True Self to Create the Impact You're Meant For" which can be found on Amazon.

Talk Title and Description: Building the Relationship with Your True Self to Maximize Life's Potential: discovering how the relationship with yourself impacts your world, uncovering how to build that healthy relationship and create the life you desire because of it.

Sarah Shapiro

Sarah is an avid Stock and Real Estate Investor, Business Owner, Spiritual Psychotherapist and an Author. Sarah is a gifted Intuitive and she is a Master Teacher of the ancient Chakra System.  She teaches the Metaphysical principles of Money and Wealth Building. Over her 25 + year career she has counseled hundreds of clients both in the US and Canada.   Sarah has catapulted herself from “0 Net Worth to Over 1.5 Million” by utilizing a combination of metaphysical wisdom,  psychological truth, down to earth Wealth Building skills and a bit of Moxie! She teaches her Spiritual Secrets in her powerful Millionaire Alchemy Programs TM to help you to break through your 100K “glass ceiling” and to create True Wealth!

Nicole Lewis-Keeber

Nicole has combined her expertise as therapist with her training as a Money Mindset Coach to create a unique coaching approach, that provides deep transformational change in her client's lives and business. Nicole specializes in helping women business owners, solopreneurs, and entrepreneurs reveal the surprising programmed limiting beliefs that get in the way of them manifesting the success that is theirs for the taking.

Nicole works with clients to reveal and release these limiting beliefs and other mental, emotional and spiritual blocks to their success. She uses time-tested coaching processes and mind/body connection tools such as the Emotional Freedom Technique to access the deeper subconscious programming around wealth and money. These very same tools launched Nicole into a satisfying career as a Money Mindset Coach.

Nicole spent the early part of her career as a Psychotherapist working in a variety of Behavioral Health settings. She learned firsthand that the therapy field was a place where she and colleagues routinely felt burned out, and the clients suffered through grueling and often demotivating therapies that provided slow and limited breakthroughs. She recognized that the main focus of therapy was on problems, and that the solutions were hard to come by.

Nicole discovered coaching after feeling a desire and pull to make changes in her own life and career. She was amazed at her own massive transformation in her life and mindset in only 8 sessions with her own Life Coach by utilizing the Tapping Technique. She then began her journey to become a certified life coach and to incorporate her therapeutic background with the solid processes and practices in the coaching field.

Nicole has transitioned from a focus on therapy to life coaching. She opened her own coaching practice; works for herself and on her own terms; and is in love with the work she does with her clients. By employing the Money Mindset processes that she has mastered, she has changed her own life as well as the lives of many.

Jennifer Schmid

Jennifer Schmid is a nurse, naturopath and intuitive healer who is on a mission to transform the way we heal our body, mind, and spirit. She bridges both worlds of conventional and alternative medicines, empowering people to take control of their health naturally and joyfully.

With a customized and humanized approach to your health, Jennifer provides alternative solutions and options that feel good to you -- because healing shouldn’t make you suffer.

She will help you uncover the root causes of your health issues so that you feel better and can live your life with more joy and ease.

Danielle Bolton

Danielle Lauren is a Journey Facilitator. She was born with a unique mission and gift for creating environments and experiences that bring people together, inspire change and move people in the direction of where they want to go.

The path of journey facilitator began when she became a Flight Attendant 17 years ago. She fell in love with hosting travelers as they moved from point A to point B. She loved witnessing the process and being a host for people’s experiences.

Over the last decade of her life, through the process of her own personal awakening, her company Elevated Experience was born. She has been working to find a place within herself where she can remember what it feels like to just LOVE and find complete alignment with herself and her place in this world. She aspires to understand and elevate her life in every way possible while doing the same for you.

Her experiences of self development and learning have helped found her company Elevates Experience. Danielle cultivates and offers opportunities for you to find the inspiration within yourself to crate change in your own life. Her mission is to help you understand transition, invite awakening of your soul, design your life through creativity, open your heart to the world of synchronized divine connection and illuminate your grand inner purpose.

The environments Danielle facilitates this work through are private events, retreat immersions, group experiences and one on one connection. When invited into your life Danielle will take you on a luminous journey to arouse your hearts magic. Alongside you she hopes to explore the worlds of mind expansion and alignment practices in pursuit of Soul Breakthroughs. It is time to Elevate your Experience!

Galitta Tassa

Galitta Tassa is on a mission to help empower the world’s women to become happier, more confident, and commanding.

She currently guides many women to achieve this with her unique program of personal discovery, exploration and development, called Happy Goddessa.

She is here to share her own experiences and insights on how an unending source of personal creativity, inspiration and drive is ready to be claimed.

Galitta grew up with strong tribal traditions and her own journey took her through Europe as an accomplished artist, entertainer, coach and sound healer. 

An inspiring force for female creative expression and personal development, Galitta has performed and spoken at hundreds of events around Europe. Find out more at: happygoddessa.com


Isabel Hundt

Isabel Hundt is the author of The Power of Faith-Driven Success and a certified Vision & Transformation Coach, international speaker, and ambassador of Global Presence Leadership. She travels all over to share her enlightening message of tuning in to our true selves. She is a proud Christ follower, wife, and mother to son Jonah. Isabel enjoys kickboxing and body combat.


Megan O’Neill

Megan O’Neill is a Certified Core Belief Engineering (CBE) Practitioner who works world wide via Skype with clients. For over 14 years, Megan has been assisting clients to go beyond analysis and break-fee of old limiting beliefs, fears and patterns. She specializes in the area mindsets and helps clients to understand why they're operating the way they are, and clear it at a deep level so they can transform to who they really are!

She began her journey after realizing that she logically knew what her blocks were, but she felt stuck and couldn’t get that change that she really needed;  Fortunately, the Universe intervened and she received a pamphlet in the mail about a workshop on a method called Core Belief Engineering (CBE). After experiencing amazing results with CBE and realizing this is what she was meant to do, Megan quit her industry and spent the next three years becoming a Certified Core Belief Engineering Practitioner. Today she focuses on helping entrepreneurs and small business owners bust through their mindset blocks so they can align with their business vision.


Lore Earley

Lore Earley is a licensed psychotherapist, mind-body energy coach, practical intuitive, believer in the healing forces of nature, and a hopeless fan of House Hunters International and vampire novels. She helps people break the cycle of unhelpful patterns at the mind, body, and soul level so they can find happiness, confidence, and success while living life according to their divine nature.  In her work she uses a combination of mindset activities to identify and eliminate pre-programmed beliefs, Tapping (EFT) to calm the physical body’s stress response, and Akashic Records research to teach people about their soul level gifts as well as unresolved past life choices that are still impacting them today.  She attributes her own journey to physical, emotional, and spiritual wellness to a 2 year adventure living and working in a rural Yupik Eskimo village in Alaska where she learned that happiness truly does come from within.


Dr. Patricia Barber

Dr. Patty Barber utilizes a unique combination of Functional and Energy Medicine as a Doctor of Naturopathy for her clients in private practice in Upstate NY and long distant across the US under Namaste Holistic Health Center (www.namastehhc.com). From the Natural Health side, Dr. Barber holds a Certificate in Nutritional Counseling (CNC), is a Certified Health Professional (CNHP), and a Certified Health Specialist (CHS). On the Energy side, Dr. Barber is a Usui & Tibean Reiki Master Teacher, a Peruvian Shaman of the Laka tradition and an Ordained Minister of Universal Life Church Monastery and First Cherokee Nation Ministry.
Since a young age, Patty has been able to see energy disturbances with the naked eye that are attributed to earthbound spirits, Guides, Angels, Ley Lines, Portals and Vortices. She can also detect energy blockages in the body with this same gift and is often called a medical intuitive. She works with clients on a variety of different shamanistic practices such as Soul Retrieval, Cord Cutting and the removal of negative energies and entities.

In her spare time, Patty is a psychopomp specialist, a medium that works with the Angelic Realm under the direction of Archangel Gabriel to help Earthbound Spirits return to the other side. Patty’s gift of sight combined with her other clairsensitive gifts allows her to work cohesively with the spirit world to reunite Earthbound spirits with their loved ones on the other side. Patty is cofounder of The Soul Ascension Project (www.myhouseishaunted.org). This group is frequently called in to help the living with removal of earthbound ghosts and energies in a compassionate and respectful way.


Angela Blaha

With twenty-two years of helping people make positive life changes, Angela is a transformational teacher, mentor, speaker and author.

As a Psychologist, teacher, certified coach and meditation specialist, she has mentored her clients into transforming their thoughts, feeling and emotions, to create new patterns to fulfill their dreams and desires. Her methods help to decrease stress, clarify goals by increasing optimism and strengthening natural abilities.

Angela has embodied two councils of light beings that deliver Akash wisdom through a unique energetic experience. The counsels focus on strength and courage and are devoted to the surrendering of a perfected state of consciousness, the natural condition of the soul, or pure love.


Solara Sophia

Solara Sophia is a Spiritual Guide and Mystic who helps heart-centered women establish an intimate connection with God, tap into their spiritual gifts, and awaken to their divine purpose. After her awakening she experienced a series of sacred initiations with the Universe that activated her intuitive gifts which she now uses to help heal and serve women across the globe. She's passionate about connecting people to their own inner wisdom so they can receive direct guidance, healing, and love from the Universe.


Jennifer Dunham

As a Happiness Lifestyle Expert and founder of Livng5x5, Jennifer Dunham helps driven professionals learn how to not only love their success and career but also fully love their lives. Happiness plays a huge role in your health.

Jennifer’s approach is rooted in her Information Technology background. She’s a huge believer in automation, habits, repeatable processes, and streamlining time to reduce overwhelm so you can focus on what matters most. You will hear her say, “Structure equals Freedom”.

Her signature program: “Irrational Happiness” is designed for ambitious women who look like they “have it all” and have it all together, but are barely keeping the juggling act going. To help her clients find and create their own versions of happiness Jennifer uses a unique system, aptly named the HAPPY Formula™.

Jennifer is a motivational speaker and inspires others to join the 5x5 movement. 5x5 is an old WWII radio term—when a radio operator ended a transmission with ‘5x5’ it meant ‘loud and clear’. Audiences love Jennifer’s relatable stories and specific strategies that they can use right away to help them quit rationalizing how they are supposed to act, think and feel. Instead, they discover their own irrational happiness and learn to live it loud and clear!

She recently created the Healthy Eating Lifestyle Kit for those that want to learn from her years of feeling like she didn't have time to cook or eat healthy, and especially for those that are tired of hearing "What's for Dinner?!"

When Jennifer isn’t working, you will find her hiking with her hubby Cory, playing with their two kitties Zipper and Velcro, or gardening and tending to their small chicken farm in the Sierra foothills in Northern California.

Judy Cali

Judy Cali has been doing Intuitive Healing work with The Ascended Masters & Angels since 3 yrs. old.She was asked by, Hilarion, The Ascended Master of Healing of The Emerald Ray, to go public with her gifts, over 12 years ago.

Honoring his request, her Clarion Call, she has been joyfully working with people all over the World. Intuitively, thru her Sacred Heart & I AM Presence, she receives a whole picture of you by seeing, hearing, feeling & knowing about your Soul.

Her readings bring forth what is most important for you to know at this time in your life.

Your Guardian Angels, Guides, Family in Spirit & past life details & more that is most relevant to this life, is what may come forth. Judy is a Crystal Reiki Master, Spiritual Minister, Teacher, Life Coach & Workshop Leader.
In 2005 she channeled Mikos, Lemurian Telosian of Inner Earth for The Wesak Festival in New York City.

Also she was hired by NBC, as a Psychic, for a documentary on Atlantis & The Bermuda Triangle, still shown today on The Sci Fi Channel.


Jonalyn Blaha

Jonalyn Blaha, a psychotherapist, currently finishing her doctoral degree in Clinical Psychology at the California Institute of Integral Studies. Her research entitled, "Riding the Bliss Wave: A Thematic Analysis of Intuitive Entheogen Dance Experiences in Women," explores the psycho-spiritual aspects of mind and body during altered states of consciousness. Jonalyn's clinical work has revolved around providing therapeutic services to children and their families, adults and couples, and the elderly through psychoanalytic, relational, and existential perspectives. She's a multidimensional cosmic dancer who dotes upon consciousness in all forms.